Monday, 3 May 2021

Product Review - The Purest.Co Bird's Nest

Psst ladies! "Want to know my beauty secret?"πŸ˜‰ guessed it right! It's Bird's Nest.
I've always love Bird's Nest and I have been taking them regularly for years...It's my all time favorite beauty supplement to maintain good health, radiant glowing skin and staying youthful.

Eat Well. Look Good. Feel Great!

Well, who doesn't love smooth, radiant skin and look much younger than their Trust me! being told that you look young is like walking on clouds, a huge compliment that every woman love! So for me, I do believe, "A bottle a week, keeps the wrinkles away!" πŸ˜„

Bird's Nest is a traditional, lavish tonic among ladies. Rich in collagen, amino acid, antioxidants and many various minerals. Consuming Bird's Nest regularly can benefits general health, boost immunity, nourish lungs function, strengthen bones, improve complexion and helps anti-aging. With the rich nutritional value, it's no wonder Bird's Nest is a popular nourishing supplement for Mommy-To-Be and the growing baby.

Oh! I love these Premium Bird's Nest from The Purest Co. There are 4 different flavors.



- Bird's Nest with Wolfberries & Pandan 150g
- Bird's Nest with Collagen & Pearl 150g
- Snow Hashima with Red Dates 150g
- Snow Hashima with Ginseng 150g

The Purest.Co Bird's Nest is made with all natural premium ingredients and each bottle contains 9 grams of genuine superior-quality, concentrated Bird's Nest.

✔100 % Natural
✔ No Artificial Flavouring, No Colouring and No Preservatives
✔ Freshest and Highest Quality Ingredients
✔ Ethically harvested from the best farms in South East Asia
✔ Made in Singapore

Oh Yummy..Taste Heavenly!

This is one of the best Bird's Nest I have tasted! Wow! Just look at the rich and thick golden essence of the Bird's Nest. Mild sweetness, tender with a gelatinous texture. It's tasty, refreshing, all natural and a savory delicacy that melts in the mouth! I enjoy these great tasting, nutritious Bird's Nest, warm or chilled.

I would highly recommend their products to all my readers, friends and family. Bird's Nest is a wonderful gift for all occasions.

Supplements For Mothers...

I remember taking Bird's Nest during my pregnancies and after childbirths. My mom is always the first to stock up tons of TCM herbal tonic that includes my favorite Bird'Nest! She would constantly remind me to eat well and rest well. She believe it is important to recuperate fast during postpartum period with good nourishing tonic & health supplements to regain stamina and vitality. 

Being a mother is tough and exhausting but it's very rewarding too. Nothing in the world is greater than the purest and the unconditional love of a mother. (Thanks for everything...I love you, Mom!❤)

Mother's Day is just days away..It's time to express love, appreciation, gratitude to our mother for their hard work and sacrifices for the family. 

Mommies deserve a yummy treat any day! Pamper our Dearest Mom with the purest gift this Mother' Day!🌷 #LivePurest

"Good Nutrition is the key to Live Healthy and Live Purest..."

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(Disclaimer : This review is a sponsored collaboration with The Purest Co. All opinions and thoughts expressed are based on my personal experience.)

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Product Review - Maison 21G (The Scent Of Your Soul)

Scent has the ability to stimulate your moods, trigger memories and elevate your spirits. The right perfume can make you feel attractive, feminine, sociable, boost self-confidence and possibly attracts more attention! 

Indeed, I remember getting compliments from random strangers on the perfume I wear. Hmmm, I don't know about you, but whenever someone walked past me who smell amazing...It's tempting and a natural reaction to steal a second glance. Hence, smelling pleasant is part of personal grooming and social etiquette. 

My dresser is filled with bottles of my favorite scents for different occasions. Perfume is my daily necessity and the top item on my shopping list. I wear perfume to suit my mood...

When I'm going out on a romantic date in my killer outfit, I prefer a scent that is exotic, sensual and playful. On regular days, I like something light and refreshing. Well, as a Perfumista, you can never have too many perfumes! LolπŸ˜„

Maison 21G is a global brand specialises in personalised French Haute Perfumery with 20 years of experience in perfume creation. They believe every individual should have the freedom to design the unique, signature perfume to express their own style, passion and personality! (I love this idea!)

Maison translates "Home" in French. A House of Scent Designers and their fine perfume collection is : 
✔ High Quality and contains 21% of perfume concentrate. 
✔ High Level of Natural Oils and Ingredients. 
✔ Reusable Packaging with No Plastic. 
✔ 100% Cruelty-Free. 
✔ No Preservatives, GMOs, CMR Substance or Phosphates. 

Yay! I Got My Signature Scent...:)

I am so thrilled with excitement when I received my customized perfume and I can't wait to try it! It's 30ml in a bottle and comes with a pouch. The delivery was pretty fast (I received the package within a week) Wow! I simply love that it's got my name on it...How cool and impressive!

The interesting part is, you get to decide the essences for your perfume and you can choose the chic designs / wordings on the bottle as well.

I've always wanted a signature scent especially for me and I literally love this scent so much the first time I try it! It makes me feel more charming and sophisticated.😊

The perfume is long-lasting, just one or two spritz is all you need to smell lovely throughout the day. It does not irritate the skin or trigger a sensitive nose. It doesn't stain the clothing and Mr.Hubby is loving the alluring scent!...and thanks to the customized perfume, I got his attention again! (Wink!😘) 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend to all my friends and readers who are perfume lovers. It's a perfect gifting idea for friends and loved ones. (Hey, Mother's Day is just around the corner!🎁) I'm sure they gonna' love it!

Here are 3 ways to customize your perfume online :
3) Freestyling it by choosing 2 scents you already love

I choose the personality quiz as I'm really curious to know the quiz result and Voila!.....I'm pleased with the lovely customized perfume that match my fun personality!πŸ‘

Smell Good, Look Good, Feel Good...

Studies have shown that there are many great benefits and positive impact of wearing perfume. Different scents can also improve your mental well-being, it can reduce stress/anxiety and helps you sleep better. Smelling good makes you feel great, you will feel happier, presentable and it never fail to leave a good impression.πŸ˜‰

Explore & Discover Maison 21G - Custom Perfume Singapore

Make a booking for their creative perfumery workshops and experience a fun session of perfume creation!

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*Additional : All customers get a discount when they return the initial bottle.:)

" A perfume is an expression of The Scent Of Your Soul and let your scent spread your influence..."

(Disclaimer : This review is a sponsored collaboration with Maison 21G. All contents and opinions expressed are based on my personal experience.)