Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Food Review - Uncle Tony's PizzaπŸ•

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world. Kids, adults and almost everyone love them! They are delicious, flavorful and affordable. Pizza is my all time favorite food, I could have them any day cos' you can't really go wrong with pizza...

If you are a hardcore pizza lover like me, allow me to introduce you one of my favorite pizza in town! 

We had a savory pizza feast from Uncle Tony's Pizza last weekend. The food arrived fast and on time, they are neatly packed and just by looking at these luscious pizza makes me drool.(lol) 

My favorite is the classic Hawaiian 12" and the BBQ Chicken 12". The texture is chewy and crispy, the ingredients are fresh and the best part is the generous toppings on each pizza! Personally, I love my pizza with lots of cheese, meats and pineapples. Uncle Tony's serve my kind of pizza! The flavor is blended nicely and you can taste the rich compound flavors in every bite! can't stop at just one slice!

At Uncle Tony's Pizza, they offer affordable and good tasting pizza. They uses premium mozzarella cheese and authentic Italian tomato sauce. They provide 1Hour Express Delivery Islandwide to ensure the pizzas are hot and fresh on arrival. The signature pizza with their secret recipe sauce by Chef Tony is a must-try for pizza lovers. 


There are different pizza flavors and finger food such as, Meatballs, Chicken Wings, Fish Fingers and more... My little ones love the Golden Mozzarella Sticks, and the Honey Mustard Prawns is a must try! They are so good and addictive, paired with the dipping sauce.(Mmmm!) Check out their website for the latest pizza promotions, value deals and bundles.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the food and the good customer service. It was an enjoyable feast for my family. This may be the first time I tried Uncle Tony's Pizza but definitely won't be the last! I would recommend to my friends and readers.πŸ‘

If you are planning a pizza party, movie nights or too tired to cook? Why not grab some pizzas today! Netflix & Pizza is a perfect date night!😍

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Uncle Tony's Pizza

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(This review is a sponsorship collaboration with Uncle Tony's Pizza and Best In Singapore, the blog contents are based on my honest opinions and personal experience.)

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Food Review - 8 Crabs Delivery Singapore πŸ¦€

Do you love seafood? I do! and the Chilli Crab is my favorite!

Singapore is a food paradise. With an unique lifestyle of different ethics and food culture in the country, the multicultural Singapore cuisine is popular among the locals and foreigners around the world.

The Chilli Crab is a delicious and well-known national dish that you can easily find in many seafood restaurants in Singapore.πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

The other day, I tried the Award-Winning Chilli Crab from 8Crabs and here's our dinner...

1) Award-Winning Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou
The savory aroma of the gravy is appetizing, it's tasty, flavorful and mildly spicy. The crab meat is fresh and juicy, we love dipping it with fried buns (mantou). Best combination! It has an authentic and nostalgic taste, one of the best I've tried...It's goodness in every bite! (Shiok!)πŸ‘

2) Yam Ring
Ah..this is one of my favorite Chinese dishes, it looks like a treasure basket. The yam crust is crispy and fluffy. Look at the fillings, they are so generous with the ingredients, lots of stir-fried meats, mushrooms and mixed vegetables. Must try! 

3) Prawn Paste Chicken
The prawn paste chicken wings are just nice for my taste, the flavor is not too pungent. The wings are tender and not oily. The kids love them too.

I'm very pleased with their express delivery service. The food arrived at my place on time, all the dishes are warm and we don't need to heat it up, it's ready to be served and most importantly, the food taste heavenly! My family and I really enjoyed the scrumptious dinner.

At 8Crabs Delivery Singapore they uses fresh premium crabs from Sri Lanka, the crabs are prepared and freshly cooked by the chef and deliver soonest to the customers to ensure freshness and taste. 

Check out their website or whatsapp (+65 87250725) for more details and the wide range of different dishes on the menu.

They offer : 
πŸ‘ 1 Hour Express Delivery
πŸ‘ Premium Wild Crabs
πŸ‘ Affordable Rates
πŸ‘ Award-Winning Recipes 
πŸ‘ Freshness & Quality Guaranteed 

As a seafood lover and a foodie who appreciate good tasting food, I would highly recommend 8Crabs. It's convenient and affordable if you are planning to invite a few friends over or giving your family a treat. 

Are you feeling hungry looking at these food photos? You gotta' try it to know it! Satisfy your cravings and enjoy a seafood feast today!

 Nothing brings people together like good food..and happiness is great food and great company! πŸ˜‰